Friday, 4 March 2011


I was actually quite blown away by this band’s first effort. The boys sure haven’t disappointed me this time around either. This is good! No, I take it back – this is bloody great! If Zakk Wylde and Biff Byford would ever team up (no I won’t say “and make a baby” coz that would sure be an ugly bastard) I think the result could very well be something like this. Musically Zero Illusions plays great sounding powerful and heavy metal with hints of classic Saxon metal, as well as the detuned Black Label/Ozzy style stuff with the pinched harmonics and all. These boys previously went under the name Pain And Passion and then had a slightly more melodic touch. I’m glad they changed, even though I did like their earlier work. When listening to crushingly heavy stuff like “Who You Are”, this is where it’s at! I’m quite surprised no bigger label has picked this band up yet. This is great stuff! It’s modern without selling out, it’s heavy without being cliché, it’s melodic without being wimpy. Besides sounding great, the song material is great. Great variation, no fillers, ready to be shipped out. Come and get it! This mother rocks!
Janne Stark

Label: private
Year: 2010
Country: Sweden