Friday, 17 December 2010


And I thought neoclassical metal was something Yngwie was the only one to still hold on to. Maybe there’s a new wave coming? As Golden Resurrection features former Narnia singer Christian Liljegren and ReinXeed guitarist Tommy Johansson, the choice of style may not be that surprising. Both have been strong keepers and followers of the aforementioned genre for quite some years. Fans of early Narnia will definitely love this album. The style is double bass drum based up-tempo neoclassical melodic heavy metal, in the same style as Narnia once were, actually with a strong touch of Johansson’s more power metal oriented band ReinXeed. Great melodies, well arranged songs and a strong melodic feel that carries the songs in a highly favourable way. I also have to say Christian probably does one of his best vocal works to date. If Calle Grimmark was the six string torch bearer or Narnia, young prodigy Johansson keeps on carrying that torch with pride and great technical skills. He does some really impressive solo work and his technique is flawless. Of course drummer Rickard Gustavsson, bass player Stefan Käck and keyboard player Olov Andersson (Grand Stand) give a strong and highly important foundation that the songs rest upon. I shall also add that this is by no means any streamlined shredder-plodding album. The variation is definitely there, and one of my favourite moments is the heavy, riff oriented and melodic “Never Look Back”, with a chorus that is closer to AOR than metal. On the other hand “Golden Flames” or the intro of “The Final Day” could have been penned by Mr Malmsteen himself. A highly enjoyable album that is a must for fans of melodic power metal and neo classical metal.
Janne Stark
Year: 2010
Label: Liljegren Records
Country: Sweden

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