Friday, 30 December 2011

CROWDBURN - Confronted (CDR)

I first saw Swedish technical thrashers Crowdburn at the excellent Rock Out Wild festival in August 2011. I was really impressed with the energy and level of musicianship from this young bunch. Well, live is always a bit different. You’re overwhelmed by the sound, the feel and sometimes when you listen back it may not have been that great. Well, now this foursome have sent me their first demo. F***in’ hell! I did like them a lot live, but this sucker rocks!! There are only three tracks here, but I hear a wide range of influences, from Pantera to In Flames, to Lamb Of God to more melodic death metal. They are not afraid to mix in some clean melodic vocals, which really lifts the chorus of the track Burning Crowd. Singer Aron Andersson has a really powerful voice, but also with a nice variety. Guitarist Christoffer Lindmark also impresses with his cool technical chops, which is something that goes for drummer Andreas Grehn as well. Of course, heavy bass player Jonathan Holmgren needs to be mentioned as well, especially for his technical shredding in Pictures, a song that really mixes styles. This is a really competent and well oiled machinery that produces something I find quite innovative in this musically crowded world. I’d be surprised if they weren’t picked up by some label soon. This is really good, I must say! Plus, they really shine live, as well.
Janne Stark
Label: D.I.Y pro-printed CDR
Country: Sweden
Year: 2011

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