Tuesday, 17 January 2012

BLISTER BRIGADE - Devastating Smile (CDR 3tr)

We're off to Skellefteå and Blister Brigade. Man, that’s some pretty cool odd riffing straight in your face already in the opening track Devastating Smile. Then it goes into some weird sleaze vein. The band sounds really good and the style quite is quite original. Nice opening indeed. Second track, Rock ‘N Roll Grave, is sort of a semi-ballad which sounds more like Hanoi Rocks, but didn’t really hit me that hard, even though the chorus is pretty strong. Last track, Worst Case Scenario, picks up the pace again, again with some pretty cool riffing mixed with traditional sleaze-oriented metal. The band has a good tight sound. The singer is not a high pitch screamer, but sticks to the lower registers. He may not be the world’s most exciting singer, but he does do the job pretty well. Not bad at all.
Janne Stark
Country: Sweden
Year: 2012
Label: none
Link: http://sv-se.facebook.com/blisterbrigade

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