Tuesday, 31 July 2012

SKY OF RAGE - SoR (CD digi)

Metalville is a really interesting new label keeping their ear to the ground and picking up new and great acts as well as some classy older bands, The Quill being one prime example. Here’s another new Swedish act well worth checking out. Sky Of Rage, based in Borlänge, features  Astral Doors member Joachim Nordlund and Mika Itäranta, plus former Thalamus guitarist Jan J Cederlund. The band also features the outstanding powerful and melodic vocal talents of Staffan “Stiff” Carlsson. Musically Sky Of Rage plays quite classic powerful heavy rock/metal with hints of both this and that. Reclaim The Rights and Soldiers In A Line sound a bit like a successful mix of Black Sabbath and Nocturnal Rites, while opening track Stardust offers an almost proggy touch with heavy and powerful riffing. Here Staffan reminds me a bit of Mike Andersson of Cloudscape. Countdown actually has a touch of Cloudscape, but with more emphasis on the guitars. The guitars, I must say, are a WALL of sound. Powerful, chunky and hits you like a brick. Great production by former Astral Door member Martin Haglund. The song material is strong and powerful, and I really like the perfect balance between the aforementioned chunky guitars, the subtle but very effective keyboards and Staffan’s excellent vocals on top of it all. An excellent debut well worth picking up!
Janne Stark
Label: Metalville
Country. Sweden
Year: 2012

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