Tuesday, 30 September 2014

THE HIDDEN – Fearful Symmetry (CD)

Long time, no see, but NOW finally - see! The Hidden was a powerful technical thrash project that recorded an album back in 2000, which was never released. I featured one of the songs on the bonus CD of my third encyclopedia since I felt it just HAD to be heard! Well, now the guys finally took matters into their own hands and released this hidden (noooo, no pun intended) gem. The band features Patrik Sporrong, drummer Matte Modin, singer/guitarist Teddy Möller and bassist Peter Laitinen. Names I guess you all know from bands like F.K.Ü, Lost Souls, Midas Touch, Dark Funeral, Defleshed and Imperial Domain. If you’re into mind-crumbling, technical power thrash with Iron Maiden style guitars, high pitch vocals and energizer bunny drums, this is for you. I personally love it! Musically it’s like a mix of furious thrash, classic heavy metal and progressive metal. It’s like if Agent Steel, Iron Maiden, Death and Dream Theater had group sex and this little bastard was the result of it. Ten powerful and great songs with not a second wasted on nonsense. A shovel in the face feels like a summer breeze in comparison. Kick ass stuff!
Janne Stark
Country: Sweden
Year: 2014
Label: Divebomb Records

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