Tuesday, 25 November 2014

M.O.B – Out From The Dark (CD)

I think M.O.B has been around since before Adam and Eve wore leaves, and they are still going strong. I will start by saying I think the band’s new album “Out From The Dark” is their best effort so far! The album opens with the dark, heavy and stomping “The Beast In Me”. The words dark and heavy actually come to mind quite often. It may be the fact that singer Fredrik Notling has struggled with cancer which has put a prominent stamp on both the music and the lyrics. Well, it seems like something good actually can come out of the bad. This new dark side fits the band perfectly. The title track continues in the dark vein, but also has a nice major scale guitar harmony part as a nice counterpart. “Legions Of The Antichrist” is true crushing metal in the vein of latter day Priest or Accept! The heaviest I’ve heard from this band. “Nightmare”, I would have thought would continue the battering metal ram. But, oh no. It is a melodic, almost poppy hard rock number. Not my favorite, but still ok. “By My Side” also shows a different side of the band. It is a beautiful, melancholic, fragile, almost Freddie Mercury:ish piano ballad. “The Dark Defender” brings back the metal and we are on track again. “Nowhere” is a heavy, almost doomy number, but with melodic vocals that gives it a totally different vibe. A cool song, indeed! This is by far the most “metal” album M.O.B have ever produced, and to be honest, they do it really well! Great job, boys!
Janne Stark
Country: Sweden
Year: 2014
label: Mobrockz
Link: www.mobrockz.com

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