Friday, 1 May 2015

Master Massive – The Pendulum (CD)

Wow! Is this an album I’ve waited for! Ever since I first heard the track “Time Out Of Mind” on Swedish radio back in 1988 I’ve been waiting for its release. I’ve actually featured the track on the bonus CD for two of my encyclopaedias (in two different versions) just because I just can’t get enough of this song. Back in 1988 it was first recorded under the band name Zanity, featuring singer Tony Niva (Lion’s Share, Niva, Oxygen) and he’s the one handling the lead vocals on this recording as well. He’s however not the only singer. First, I think I need to explain the concept of the album. For that is what it is: a concept album. The different singers play different parts in this dark prophecy and their vocal performances intertwine. For instance Tony Niva plays “The dark force” Nhoknezt, Peo Pettersson (Axia, Leviticus) plays “The  one chosen by the gods” Aadham, Tony Johansson (Masquerade) plays “Indian Chief” Yellowhawk and Divin Tronstad plays “Dai Maanion’s companion” The Black Angel. I’ve collected all of Master Massive’s demos through the years and on this album mastermind, guitarist, singer Jan Strandh has taken some of the best songs and updated the lyrics to fit into this dark saga. Despite being a concept album, which sometimes makes an album pass over the general metal fan’s head as being a bit pretentious, I think most of the songs on this one will find its way into the ears of fans of bands like Mercyful Fate, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force or even Manowar. Songs like “Time Out Of Mind”, “Four Dreams”, “Showdown” or the crushingly heavy “Eye Of Silence”, “Wishing Well” and “Sovereign Power” are outstanding songs. The musical performances, Jan’s outstanding guitar playing (why this man has not been more recognised is a damn shame!!) and the killer vocal performances, make for a bloody great album. Listen to it from beginning to end – you will love it! One of my top albums of this year, no doubt!!
Janne Stark
Label: ViciSolum
Year: 2015

Country: Sweden

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