Tuesday, 6 October 2015

SKY HIGH – Stone & Gravel (CD)

Swedish heavy blues rockers Sky High, lead by guitarist/singer Clas Yngström, refuse to give up. They were around when the burning bush still hadn't caught fire and they are still going! And, damn I’m glad for that! What I’m even more glad for is that they never fail to deliver. What makes me EVEN MORE glad is that Stone & Gravel is their best album in years! I was afraid Clas would embellish the big band stuff and walk down that road. But not, noooooo way! Stone & Gravel should actually be entitled Rock & Concrete! This album is one heavy mother! It starts out with the groovy Pretty Young Women (And Dirty Old Men), followed by the slightly ZZ Top:ish stomper One Step Back. If these two tracks haven’t convinced you already, just move on to the power shuffle A New Old Style (Old Farts Boogie), rolling on like a heavier updated long lost cousin of their old classic I Ain’t Beggin’. This is the top of the boogie class! There are no signs of wear or old age, even if some of the titles suggest that should be the case. F’get about it! This is power trio galore! It’s also nice to see the classic trio featuring Clas, bassist Arne Blomqvist and drummer Marcus Källström together again. It sounds like they were never apart in the first place. Tight, groovy and rockin! I also must give a heads up to producer Jonas Kjellgren who has given this platter the ultimate power and heaviness without making it sound too modern or artificial. It still sounds like real tubes, old Strats and acoustic drums! Welcome back guys! A killer album, indeed! And, the artwork looks absolutely killer!
Janne Stark
Label:Pike Records
Country: Sweden
Year: 2015


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