Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Blindstone – Blues-O-Delic Celebration (CD)

Danish power trio Blindstone has released a bunch of heavy, grinding, riff laden, groove crunchy, swag filed albums. They have also, now and then, flirted a bit with their roots, playing the odd cover. The band’s new effort is a full on “we’re now gonna show you how we do these old classics” party. Even though it starts off with B.B. King’s classic “Rock Me Baby”, as suspected perfectly Blindestoneified, most of the tracks aren’t your usual suspects. “Blood Stream” by Rocky Hill/Townes Van Zant and the power packed and super groovy version of Gonzales/Freddie King’s “Pick It Up”. The rendition of “Me And My Woman” is another one that’s given a kick ass overhaul, just like Guitar Shorty’s “Old School”, which has been given a cool more up-tempo Stevie Ray Vaughn vibe. I was a bit surprised to see a cover of a, in relation to the rest of the songs, relatively new song, “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”, originally by The Gales Bros. If you’re used to hearing UFO’s version of Willie Dixon’s “Built For Comfort”, you’ll probably get a kick out of hearing Blidstone’s lead heavy slow motion version. One track I got a big kick out was Leslie West’s “By The River”, one of my favorite West songs. Martin also does a really great job channeling his inner Rev Billy G in the cool re-make of ZZ Top’s “Bar-B-Q”. As always Martin play the crap out of his guitar and sings like a champ, while Jesper Bunk rips that chunky bass and (quite) new drummer Sigurd Jöhnk-Jensen lays down awesome grooves throughout the album. If you’re an old Blindstone fan, this one won’t disappoint! All these covers have been perfectly shaped to fit the Blindstone mould. A killer album!
Janne Stark
Label: Grooveyard Records
Year: 2017

Country: Denmark

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