Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Black Aces – Anywhere But Here (CD)

When I listen to the Black Aces album I can’t help wondering how many times you can re-cycle the formula created by AC/DC. We already have hundreds, if not thousands, of bands that have used, misused, developed, re-vamped and copied what the Aussies once created. There’s your Airbourne, ’77, Bullet, Rhino Bucket, Rose Tattoo, Bonafide, Dynamite, Upper Crust etc etc. So, what new ingredients have fellow Australians Black Aces brought to the brew? Well, I can’t really find any to be honest. The singer is trying to put his spin on the Bon Scott era high-pitch vocals and the music has also taken on the late 70s AC/DC sound and style of song writing, even the backing vocals have the same rough football choir vibe as AC/DC had once they started adding this to their brew. At least some of the bands, such as Bonafide, put a new spin on the old coin and make it into a beast of their own, but unfortunately this is just blue print material, except maybe for the track “Short Changed” which has at least a slightly personal touch to it. If you’re a fan of AC/DC and have no problem with copy cats, this one’s definitely for you. The band does a great job doing what they do. The musicians are great, the sound kicks ass and the singer does a great job, so this is by no means a bad album in that sense. It’s just, a bit too unoriginal for me. If they had just dared to take a little step or two outside the box, that would have done a great deal.
Janne Stark
Label: Off Yer Rocka
Country: Australia

Year: 2017

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