Wednesday, 6 July 2011

BADMOUTH - Heavy Metal Parkinglot (CD)

Now we’re talking major shape-up here! The band’s self-titled debut received a highly lukewarm review from yours truly. The only song that made some type of impact was album closer “Supersassy baby”, which is quite a lame result. Furthermore, the mix by Paul Sabu was anything but powerful and didn’t do the band’s sleazy hard rock any favours whatsoever. Undynamic and weak. Forget that, all is now forgiven. Sator main man Chips Kisbye understands how great rock ’n roll is supposed to sound. Fat and with the perfect punch. The pick-up also applies to the song material. Badmouth still produces straight ahead, no frills sleazy hard rock, but this time they have found the right hooks and songs that really stick. There’s also little production details that elevates it all, such as the nice upper harmonies in “Silver Lining”. Detials, but oh so important. I also complained about Randy’s untight guitar solos. Even here – great improvement! Sure, the dude hasn’t become a shredder, bu the doesn’t do more than he can handle and what he does he does really well. Even the vocal department has got a slight facelift, even if the prerequisites were there before. It all glues together perfectly and I’m happy to say, this is an album that will pay visit to my CD player several times again. Well done, boys!
Janne Stark
Label: Rambo Music
Year: 2011
Country: Sweden

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