Monday, 14 May 2012

MÅRRAN - Mårran (CD)

Talk about an unexpected musical constellation! Göran Edman, singer extraordinaire with bands like Madison, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kharma, Norum, Glory etc., Björn Inge, drummer with classic seventies hard rockers November and renowned keyboard player Max Lorentz, flanked by bassist Morgan Korsmoe (Larz Christerz) and guitarist Ludwig Larsson (Dynamite Sky). Well, if I would compare these guys to any of their previous outings, it would definitely be November. Mårran plays seventies oriented, blues, groovy, riff-oriented hard rock sung in Swedish. What differs from November is Max’s hot and fat Hammond organ, which gives it a bit of a good old Deep Purple touch. I really love the earthy, acoustic sounding mix. The drums sound like they were recorded live in a good size room and the guitar oozes of tube amplification. Ludwig Larsson, looks like a pretty young guy, but his guitar playing sure sounds like he’s been around as long as his older fellows. The solo the guy kicks out in Dina ögon är blå is just amazing, and the break after the solo-part is worth the price of the CD alone. The track Del av mitt liv, reminds me a bit of the classic Free track Mr. Big and here the band is reinforced with Björn Inge’s former November colleague, guitarist Rickard Rolf, who adds a really nice solo. The intro of Syster Blå brings back memories of the first Montrose album, and Denny Carmassi kicking off Rock Candy. Not the same rhythm I know, but the general feel of it. A cool riff, and a pretty unexpected very melodic chorus. Med Lena shows a slightly folk-oriented touch. This is one of the most interesting Swedish releases of 2012 so far. It’s nothing new, there is no flashy wizardry, there are no hits, it’s just an album filled to the brim with really great music, played by outstanding musicians that have the power to express and transfer feelings through their music. Authentic, dynamic, groovy, infectious and damn great!
Janne Stark

Label: S Rock Records
Country: Sweden
Year: 2012
Link: www.må 

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