Sunday, 8 May 2016

Badge – If It Hurts It Must Be Good (CD)

Swedish cowboy zombie punksters has decided to give us yet another well-aimed kick in the genitals. Imagine you have a venomous Led Zeppelin rat in one corner and a pissed off MC5 snake in the other. You then bring in John Spencer and let him conduct the fight between these two animals. That’s kinda what Badge sounds like. Especially the two opening tracks ”Reap What You Sow” and ”The Game”. The fight slows down a bit in ”Trapdoor” and it seems like they’ve been given some tips from an Australian contestant named Tracer. Ok, we take it down even another notch in ”In The Eye Of The Storm” and bring in the acoustic slide artillery. In ”We Will See The Light” the fight is over and the animals lay in their respective corner, licking their wounds. Some attempts to pick up the fight do occur, but both are way to groggy to even stand up. They slip and they slide, walking heavy back into the corner. ”Traitor” is most likely the victory song with its perky, strutty, guitar picking and busy drumming. In ”Step Aside” we’re back in the game again, loser still as groggy, but mind dead set on revenge. No way this fella can walk a straight line. Falls over, trips, gets up, falls again. Damn, this is getting weird. ”Mapped Out Trail” yep, it may be. But now Raging Slab throws a punch, trying to interfere. Succeeds, too! Game over. ”Yet To Come”. The victor walks out, head high, back straight, middle finger in the air. This is f***ng weird, and I f***ing love it!
Janne Stark
Label: Perennity Records
Year: 2015

Country: Sweden

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