Saturday, 26 November 2011


This is the second Grooveyard release from guitarist/singer Peter Vincent Brasino. To be honest I felt the name Guitar Pete sounded a bit cheesy. Well, an easy way to get the smirk outta my face was to put on the CD. Pete produced heavy, gritty riff-based blues rock with guitars thick as a brick wall. He reminds me, both his musical style and vocals, a bit of Michael Katon, which is really good in my book. The songs are really well constructed in a genre that can sometimes get a bit run of the mill. Pete is a great guitarist with a great bluesy flow in his playing. Pete also does a great heavy rendition of Skynyrd’s old Gimme Back my Bullets. My only complaint would be the boring and unbluesy drummer who unfortunately just can’t get his playing to groove. This flaw aside it’s a damn fine album for fans of gritty, balls-out heavy blues rock.
Janne Stark

Label: Grooveyard Records
Year: 2011
Country: USA

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