Sunday, 27 May 2012

BLINDSTONE - Greetings From The Karma Factory (CD)

Every Swedish kid who went to Copenhagen in the eighties know what Danish Dynamite is. Well, Blindstone is here now to teach the kids of today a new meaning to the term Danish Dynamite. This time we’re not talking strong intoxicating Danish beer, now we’re talking strong intoxicating Danish riffs! “The Blindstone groove is here to stay”, sings main man Martin J. Andersen, and damn it he’s right. The band has never failed to make a strong release in the past, and this time it’s no different. Well, I actually think, which I may have said every time, this IS the band’s strongest release to date! The band has such and incredible swagger and groove it’s totally infectious. There’s no way in hell you can sit still listening to this Karma Factory Greeting. I mean, from the first riff to the last, this power trio bursts out one hook after another, one groovy beat after another and one fat riff after another. Bassist Bunk and drummer Hvidtfeldt paves a strong, funky and groovy foundation for singer/guitarist Andersen to just spread his wah-wah infused bleeding riffs all over. He’s also got a perfect vocal capacity for the whole thing to melt together. Some of the riffs may be meat and potatoes, but in this case that’s what makes it such a great album. To add bells and whistles would be all wrong. This album bursts on like an old steady locomotive, breaking down any barrier, kicking out the jams and mows all over any modern sissy pop melodies. This is the blues meets hard rock, in it’s purest form and shape. Fans of Mountain and Mahogany Rush, your prayers have been answered.
Janne Stark

Label: Grooveyard Records
Country: Denmark
Year: 2012

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