Thursday, 5 May 2011

BONEDOG - Blame The Cat (CD)

Sweden sure has its fair share of great heavy bluesbands. Sky High, Moosters, Blues Bag, Bacon Brothers, Gerfast, just to name a few. One band that you should definitely add to this lot is Bonedog. Of course it’s a trio, all the best ones are trios, aren’t they? Bonedog consists of Mikael Ladréhn on guitars and vocals, Peter Forss on bass and vocals and Michael Andersson on drums. Bonedog at times remind me quite a lot of Sky High in their heavier moments, but they also have a touch of Lance Lopez in tracks like Riding. Groovy and nice with quite a tight sound. Great organic guitar sound and fat bass while I wish the drums would have been a bit ballsier and more dynamic. Sounds great, though. Bleeding reminds me quite a bit of Blues Bag, another sadly forgotten outstanding Swedish power trio and the slow soulful All Night Long leans towards late seventies ZZ Top. The band for the most part avoids falling into the standard four bar blues swamp even though it’s not what you’d call inventive. So what? As long as the songs are good and the band grooves, which is the case here, plus I really like Ladréhn’s guitar playing. A really nice slab of Swedish swamp rock well worth checking out. This band probably rocks even better live.
Janne Stark
Label: private
Country: Sweden
Year: 2011

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