Thursday, 5 May 2011

ENBOUND - And She Says Gold (CD)

SHE says gold?! Well, damn it, so do I! Sometimes you just get these positive surprises, things you don’t really expect and that you didn’t see coming at all! Well, to be honest, this one I should’ve seen coming as I do have Enbound’s first promo MCD (2008) and I did like it a lot. However this does exceed my wildest expectations. This is pure gold, I assure you, 24 karat, no less. A great combination of melodic and progressive metal with great hooks and fine melodic lines mixed with great, not overcomplicated, slightly progressive melodic playing. I did call my own band Constancia’s style “melogressive”, well Enboud sure are, too! Melodic, a bit aggressive and a bit progressive. The song material is top notch and all of it is crowned by the outstanding singer Lars “Lee Hunter” Säfsund, also known for his formidable work in melodic band Work Of Art and also as leading star in “Jesus Christ Superstar” in Sweden. Guitarist Marvin Flühberg/Floberg/Flowberg is an outstanding versatile guitar player with quite a few cool tricks up his sleeve. Very tasteful, yet technical playing indeed. Inner Wound Recordings is a new but really strong player starting off with some killer releases! Impressive!

Janne Stark

Label: Inner Wound Recordings

Year: 2011

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