Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Short mixed reviews

Jive Mother Mary "All Fall Down" – Good, but some tracks don’t hit me at all, while other are great! A bit inconsistent. Bluesy southern hard rock with a touch of Black Stone Cherry eets Aerosmith and Zeppelin at times. produced by John Custer (Cry Of Love, COC etc).

Ozone Mama - "Ozone Mama" – A bit like Jive Mother Mary with some great tracks and some that are just too much garagy rock ‘n roll. Reminds me at times a bit of Swedish band The Hellacopters. Ok, but not more. There is however a couple of tracks that really rock! Too bad they didn’t stick to that formula.

Heavy Glow "THe Filth And The Fury" – Good band, with a very raw early 70s vibe! A bit too garagy at times.

David Rock Feinstein - "Bitten By The Beast" – Sounds good. He’s not my favourite singer, but it works pretty good. Sounds and seems like a Rods record in disguise judging from the line-up. Too bad they’ve really mastered it into overload. It even distorts! I hate it when they do that. Even Ronnies vocals are distorted (or it’s supposed to be like that)!

Hydra – "Live After All These Years" - AWESOME!! Loved the band already back in the 70s. Seems like they’ve really kept up well! This one is a must! Gotta get all the old stuff on CD! Haven’t though about it before, but they actually remind me a bit of Trapeze at times.

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