Sunday, 1 May 2011

ULTIMATE FATE - Beyond The Horizon (MCD)

Ultimate Fate is a new young Swedish female fronted five-piece. When you hear female fronted, you more or less immediately think Within Temptation, Nightwish or Evanescence. Well, at least I do. And, yes, Ultimate Fate do not stray that far away. I hear a lot of Within Temptation in the bands sound and style. Jennie Söderberg is a great singer fitting the style perfectly. The band handles their parts very well, too I must say. The three songs showcase the band quite well and makes me want to hear more. Opener Horizon is an mid-tempo thing with a more up-tempo melodic chorus sounding, lots of variation and actually quite a progressive track. Retribution starts off quite acoustic and almost a bit reminiscent of Blackmore's Night, but soon heading of into a heavier vein and with a tempo-change they enter into a melodic metal landscape. Beyond Fear starts off with a guitar riff sounding a bit like classic US metal band Warlord, but like the other tracks it offers quite a varied plate of food, entering into an almost doomy chord-progression leading into an up-tempo oriental sounding verse. This is really great stuff, I must say! It will be interesting to see what this band can come up with next.
Janne Stark
Label: private
Year: 2011
Country: Sweden

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