Sunday, 8 May 2011

BULLSEYE - Count On Me (MCD 4tr)

Ok, when opener Count On Me started I was really surprised the band did a cover of one of my old Montrose favourites Space Station #5, but it soon prooved to be justa stolen riff. Well, the rest of it doesn’t sound like at all. Bullseye deliver straight ahead, no-frills, slightly punkish hard rock. At times I get a vibe of The Bones but not quite as punky and with a singer that sometimes makes me think of Jocke in Sabaton, especially when the accentuated rrrrrrr’s pop out in You See. Back In The Time pulls the tempo back a bit and shows a more melodic side with a bigger and more exciting side of Johan Hallström’s vocal range, plus it’s got a nice hook in the chorus. A hit maybe? Closing track Over The Top almost made me think of Saxon in the intro riff, while the punkish verse took it a totally different route. This is not bad at all, even if it may not be a CD I would listen to every day. The boys do it good, they have a infectious determination and the song material is of high class. This is definitely music that would kick up a dull party several notches.

Janne Stark
Label: private
Country: Sweden
Year: 2010

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