Monday, 13 June 2011

PIKKA DOLLS - s/t (demo CDR)

Picka Dolls (yeah, you have to be Swedish to understand that, I know) is a new Swedish all femme force from Växjö. The band has just recorded their first four track demo and I must say I’m quite impressed. The band is fronted by singer/bassist Carro who has some great pipes. The demo opens with Trashcan Concubine, which is in my opinion the crown jewel of the demo. The band does need some more time in the rehearsal studio to get all the details right and foremost to get it all to glue perfectly together. But, I tell you, the fundamentals are there! Musically they are not as metal as Hysterica or Crucified Barbara, but they actually have a touch of the 70s as well as some vintage punk-elements. An interesting musical mix which sets them apart from many other bands. This is definitely a band too keep your eyes on.

Janne Stark
Country: Sweden
Year: 2011
Label: none

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