Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Pedal to the metal, fists in the air, heads down, no nonsense beer drenched hard rock ‘n roll! That’s the short description of Swedish newcomers’ The Hellfire Clan’s debut album. The Hellfire Clan could at times be easily mistaken for sleaze, but don’t be fooled. There are some brutal riffing, closer to Hellfueled or even Zakk Wylde coloured touches, going on. At times I even get a hint of Corabi-era Crüe. I think it’s the combination of the sleaze-oriented vocals and the detuned, crunchy guitars that brings it a bit between the boxes. I really like it, I must admit! The energy is really breathtaking at times and the songs are really well-arranged with some cool twists and turns. It’s by no means your straight ahead, no brains rock ‘n roll. I also do hear some hints of Hardcore Superstar, but this band takes it all to new levels. Highly recommended for fans of high octane, wall of guitar hard rock!
Janne Stark

Country: Sweden
Year: 2011
Label: private

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