Monday, 16 December 2013

BLACK MOUNTAIN PROPHET - Notorious Sinner (CD) - corrected

Jarrod England is one helluva singer. He proved it in Rufus Huff and here he proves it again, now in Black Mountain Prophet. Rufus Huff is gritty, raw, bluesy hard rock and Black Mountain Prophet actually have some similarities with Rufus, especially in songs like I’m Ready, which is high class classic bluesy hard rock with a touch of vintage Humble Pie or Free. The same goes for the catchy I-can’t-stop-singing-along-rocker Too Much Of A Good Thing. Groovy, rocking, bluesy and so damn good. Bob Watkins and singer Jarrod are two helluva great guitarists! Jarrod also has some really tasteful slide playing under his belt, besides handling drums and bass in some songs. Don't you just hate such talented people ;-). Wish I was... It actually took a few spins for this album to really sink in, but now it’s become one of my favourites! It ranges from good old bluesy hard rock to up-tempo rockers like Speed Freak and cool heavy stuff like the title track. This one, just like Poor Ole Broken Heart balances between wanting to break loose and rock out, but still keeping a cool restraint vibe with Jarrod’s gritty, bluesy soulful voice all over it. If you’re missing bands like Cry Of Love or King Karma, this one’s definitely for you. A killer!!
Janne Stark
Country: USA
Label: Grooveyard Records
Year: 2013

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