Thursday, 3 July 2014

RIOT HORSE – This Is Who We Are (CD digi)

It’s funny. Sometimes the grass is actually greener on your side of the fence. I had never heard of local band Riot Horse, until they just appeared out of nowhere and released the debut This Is Who We Are. Well, guys, now I do know who you are, and I must say I really like what you do! Sweden has been blessed with a shitload of great bands in various genres. It’s however not all death/black metal, stoner or 80s melodic rock. There seems to be a new wave of retro hard rock going on here with a load of great bands paying homage to the golden era of the seventies. Riot Horse has definitely struck on that retro nerve. However, the opening track feels more akin to the southern oriented hard rock of colleagues Rebel Road with its bluesy, southern-ish vibe. Bring ‘Em On, however, definitely throws you back to the good old Zeppelin style riff rock. It’s no wonder Riot Horse is on the same label as colleagues The Quill. They could form a killer live bill and attract the same audience. Former Bai Bang members, bass player Joacim Sandin and drummer Jonas Langebro are definitely more on their home turf here, at least their performance feels that way. Singer Andreas Sydow is perfect for the band’s sound and style, which also applies to guitarist Nille Schüttman, who actually reminds me a bit of The Lizards’ string bender Patrick Klein, which ain’t bad in my book. Good stuff indeed!
Janne Stark
Year: 2014
Country: Sweden
Label: Metalville

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