Tuesday, 30 September 2014

SOUL SHINE SOCIETY – Back Where You Belong (CD)

Grooveyard Records are really vacuuming the market for new (and old) unsung high quality bands. Soul Shine Society from our neighbour country Finland has released one previous album, which I have completely missed, and now must be checked out. This six-piece plays rootsy, bluesy, southern rock with a strong touch of vintage Lynyrd Skynyrd, especially on the title track. Well, Finland is in my book quite well known for crafting this particular style really well with bands like Gringos Locos, Five Fifteen, Havana Black etc. Lead singer Jonne Sassi has a nice rasp to his voice and a cool feel. The album is quite consistent in its style, but one song that sticks out a bit is the almost Beatlesque ballad Love Won’t Wait. There are also plenty of Outlaws-style harmony guitars, like in the opening of Reasons. I should point out that Soul Shine Society doesn’t really belong in the heavier regions, but they still rock it out pretty well, which they show in the stonkin’ As I Make My Way, which sounds a bit like classic Status Quo meets Molly Hatchet. A really cool album, indeed!
Janne Stark
Year: 2014
Country: Finland

Label: Grooveyard Records

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