Thursday, 30 October 2014

IN FAITH – There’s A Storm Coming (CD)

This marks, together with the album Albion by Ten, the first release of UK based melodic rock label Rocktopia. I’d say that’s quite an impressive start. Who are In Faith then? Drummer Pete Newdeck is a man who is out and about, singing in Tainted Nation and playing drums in Eden’s Curse. The vocals are handled by Pete Godfrey, a singer that has previously flown under my radar, which is beyond my belief! The guitar department (and bass on the album) is handled by former Contagious guitarist Tony Marshall. Marshall and Newdeck also handled the production. Well, first of all, being a big fan of AOR with some biting guitars and bands like Hardline, Harem Scarem, Axe etc., I’m a happy camper. This album offers some great riffing, killer solos from Marshall and a big production. The vocals are top notch with Godfrey placing himself up there with guys like Hess and Vaughn. He’s got a strong and clean, yet sometimes a bit raspy voice which I absolutely love! The song material on the album offers no fillers in my book. I may like some more than others, but there’s not a single dull moment. The album kicks off with the intense rocker “Radio”, which made me think of Harem Scarem. Very cool vocals arrangements and powerful guitars and a guest solo from former Furion guitarist Pat Heath. The opening riff of Church Of Rock ‘N Roll made me think of one of my favorite songs by Tall Stories; Sister Of Mercy, which ain’t bad at all. The UK has offered a whole bunch of great melodic rock albums through the years, but this one is a notch above most of them. It’s not too late for another AOR classic and this one if definitely among my favorites of this year!
Janne Stark
Label: Rocktopia
Year: 2014
Country: UK


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