Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Count’s 77 – Soul Transfusion (CD)

This is the second effort from actor/club owner/singer Danny “Count” Koker. The man is not just a pretty face, he’s actually a pretty good singer as well. In some tracks, he reminds me a quite lot of Ron Chenier from Canuck hard rockers Fist. Gritty, mid/low pitch and pretty ballsy. Not bad in my book. He also surrounds himself with some pretty good musicians, including kick ass guitarist Stoney Curtis, who has made quite the name for himself through his solo discs. The first Count’s 77 album was quite good, but this one does kick it up a notch. It starts out with The Count’s version of Summer of 69, here known as Summer of ’77 (which I can personally relate to more than the Bryan Adams number). A catchy, poppy hard rocker with nice hooks. Hard Rock Band has a cool southern rock vibe to it, which reminds me a bit of The Boyzz mixed with 38 Special. Again, a bunch of nice hooks. Do You Feel Me? definitely picks up those aforementioned Fist references, both vocally and musically. If you remember and like Fist’s Thunder In Rock album, this should be up your alley. A really cool track, indeed! Without going into each of the songs, this is a really cool, no frills, straight ahead southern tinged hard rock album with great musicians, cool vocals and songs that rock really well. Recommended!
Janne Stark
Label: Shrapnel
Year: 2016

Country: USA  

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