Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Vanity Insanity – Piece Of Her Cake (CD)

Swedish sleaze rockers Vanity Insanity have been going for ages, but never got their break, due to member changes and other unfortunes. Now, finally, the debut album “Piece Of Her Cake” has been released! Long overdue, but well worth waiting for! The album kicks off with “On Your Knees”, which sounds like something Mötley Crüe could have written for the “Girls Girls Girls” album. Singer Viggo Vain sounds a bit like a young Vince Neil, but better. He’s got a distinct, high pitch, strong voice that really pierces through the music. “Drop Dead” kicks off in the vein of Whitesnake’s “Still Of The Night”, but continues in its own lane. This is really good!! The title track ripps into riff mode with a cool quirky riff pattern that really caught my attention. It continues in the vein of colleagues Crazy Lixx, but I must admit I do like these guys a bit better. “Dented Halo” kicks off with some distorted bass, a cool shreddy solo and goes into heavy sleaze mode. If you’re into bands like Crazy Lixx, Crashdiët, Kickin’ Valentina etc., this is an album you shouldn’t miss out on! Kick ass stuff indeed!
Janne Stark
Label: self-released
Country: Sweden

Year: 2017

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