Sunday, 23 September 2018

Head Honchos - Bring It On Home (CD)

Already reading the band name and the title kinda made me think this could be southern influenced, shit kickin’ hard rock. The CD starts off with ”Not For Me” and I wasn’t that far off target. It’s definitely shit kickin’ hard rock, but I guess it’s more bluesy than southern. ”Old And Tired” continues in a cool swing funk heavy blues vibe, actually with a touch of Stevie Salas, with is great in my book. Nice phat groove! ”Work” kicks up the tempo a notch. Slide guitar, chunky Hammond organ and a cook funky groove. Great energetic vocals and killer guitar licks. In ”Come Strong” they do give it a southern rock touch, but it also has a straight ahead blues rock vibe to it. It’s a track that has ”dance” written all over it. ”Next To You” kicks it off with a cool drum groove and some slide guitar. One of my favorites is the super grooving ”Whiskey Devil” and the band’s kick ass version of ”Going Down”. A really cool, groove oriented, swinging blues rock album with a southern touch.
Janne Stark
Year: 2018
Country: USA

Label: Grooveyard Records

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