Friday, 17 December 2010

NYMF - "Nymf" (CD)

Karlshamn based band Nymf, featuring members from label mates Graviators, make their debut in the true old Black Sabbath manner. Opener “The Grave” feeds you riffs that may as well have been signed Tony Iommi. The biggest difference however is lead singer Niklas Sjöberg’s vocal approach. He often reminds me of Mustasch’s Ralf Gyllenhammar and at times of Christian lindersson (Count Raven/St Vitus), except when he, like in “Dark Autumn’s Fire” decides to go into growling mode. Growl is something I’ve learned to accept and in some cases, even like. I shall however admit that, in this case, I could do without it. However as it’s a very limited effort, I can overlook it this time. In some songs, like “Regardless”, I get pretty strong vibes of Pentagram (the Liebling unit), especially when from a guitar perspective. It’s all about simple but highly effective riffs. The mix, made by Olle Blomström, brother of Johan (Blinded Colony, Overdrive, Kaptain Sun etc), is really fat and rich. The guitars build a massive wall of sound, but without diminishing the drums and bass efforts. One track that kinda deviated from the general theme is “Step Aside”, with its cool intro, but also a slightly different type of riffing and a nice arrangement. A killer track indeed. Also “Forsaken” has a softer atmosphere which gives the album some well needed breathing space. I’m happy Nymf tries not to get stuck in the traditional stoner rut. Even though it’s about heavy and doomy riffs that do rock out, like in “Evil Itself”. The album closer initially features with the most doomy riffs of them all, with a slight touch of Black Sabbath’s eponymous epos, and then picks up speed and provides some classic disharmonic Sabbathian chord changes. A nice mix of Blacks Sabbath overtones and Mustasch undertones.
Janne Stark
Country: Sweden
Year: 2010
Label: Transubstans

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