Thursday, 2 December 2010

Thalamus - Sign Here For Nothing (MCD)

Thalamus is a band that caught my attention already at their demo stage. I’m also proud to say I had the pleasure of adding a guest solo on a track on the band’s debut album, which is one hell of a debut! I shall also say I have no involvement in this release, meaning I’m not biased, sorta... Anyway, biased or not, this band is the wet dream of any fan of heavy riff oriented 70s hard rock! They remind me a bit of Spiritual Beggard, with the same heaviness, but less stonery. The songs are solid as a rock, and the mix moves mountains. Kjell is also not your average stoner shouter, but has a voice more similar to Beggars first singer, Spice/Kryddan, with a higher pitch than most stonerbands, and of course more melodic. Still, the boy rocks! What I also love about Thalamus is that they don’t take the straight and easy road. Just listen to a song like “Black Day Sunday” with its cool backbeat rhythm and slightly quirky touch. The same goes for the cool but, also rhythmically quirky, “New Age Blues”. Don’t be fooled by the title, it’s no twelve bar standard plodder. This is riff magic of the first degree! Most of the songs are penned by tall boy bass-player Peter Johansson, who has an unerring precision for constructing great and interesting riffs and structures. Besides being a great singer Kjell is also a string-bender of the first order with a Leslie West-infused seventies vibe running down his spine. This platter was mastered by King’s X guitarist Ty Tabor, who did a great job enhancing instead of destroying a great recording. The band is currently in the studio recording a new album, which I’m sure will bring even more walls down! HIGHLY recommended!
Janne Stark
Year: 2010
Label: Scoj Music
Country: Sweden

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