Monday 8 August 2011

DISDAINED - Kill My Only Enemy (CD)

Judging from the band picture this is “yet another band with a beautiful front woman and a bunch of ugly guys”. Well there are a zillion bands with only ugly guys and no one complains about that so I’ll leave it at that. It may be a new band, but parts of the band are no newcomers but have been found in bands like Insania (Stockholm) and Satanic Surfers. Disdained are describes as a “female-fronted doom band”, which I however do not agree with. Female-fronted, yes, but doom? No way! Ok, the riffs are heavy, but the songs are generally many many bpm too fast. I’d say they sound like a heavier relative of Within Temptation, but with their own identity. Singer Therése Thomsson has great vocal capacities and she thankfully avoids the Nightwishian opera style wailing, but adds a few well placed growls instead, and they are few and far between. The musicians are also top notch and I’m happy to say here I can actually hear what the bass-player is playing as well. The song material is well-arranged and balances perfectly between the melodic side and the detuned riffing. The mix, by Peter Norlinder and Dan Norman, is dynamic and ambient and at the same time brick-breakingly heavy. It gets pretty theatrical at times, especially in songs like “Numb”, which I really like. It may not be unique, but the competition here in Sweden is pretty slim. Well worth checking out!

Janne Stark
Label: Rambo
Country: Sweden
Year: 2011

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