Thursday, 18 August 2011


Swedish power metal all-star constellation Fullforce have been in the starting blocks for some time, but finally the debut has now been released. If the start by revealing the line-up you may get a picture of what this is all about. Vocals are handled by Cloudscape/Planet Alliance singer Mike Andersson, which secures that that department is well taken care of. The guitar department is run by former Hammerfall/Fullstrike stringsman Stefan Elmgren and Narnia/System Breakdown/Grimmark shredder CJ Grimmark. So, guitars: check. The bass work was initially handled by former Hammerfaller Magnus Rosén, but before the album he handed that task over to his Hammerfall replacement Tommy Larsson, and I’m not complaining here either. The drums are handled by none other than Hammerfall, former Silver Mountain, Malmsteen, Planet Alliance, Johansson drummer Anders Johansson, which seals the deal when it comes to musical talent in the band. Well, talent alone doesn’t make a great band. There have to be songs. So, how does the band do in this department? Album opener Mythomaniac actually didn’t fully convince me. It’s by no means a bad song, it just felt a bit – ok, good song, but I do expect some more from this bunch. Well, fear not, second track None Of Your Concern shatters all the previous doubts with it’s driving and heavy riffing, great chorus and powerful delivery. I think fans of Cloudscape, Planet Alliance and even to a certain extent Hammerfall, will feel pretty much at home. We’re talking melodic power metal here. It’s no reinvention of the wheel, but it’s a nice change of tyres I’d say. Songs like Oblivion throws in some nice oriental vibes, which makes a nice change. There’s also some more straight ahead classic hard rock riffing thrown into the mix, which is nice. The album is full of strong choruses, but fortunately not the type of major scale stuff where you’d end up in the Eurovision Song Contest if you remove the distorted guitars. Good solid stuff! I also like the mix by Grimmark. Powerful and with great separation. The song-writing has been shared between Andersson, Elmgren and Grimmark, which I also think contributes to the nice diversity in the songs. This is a good solid debut from a collection of great names, which proves this is not just a product that looks good on paper, it does sound great as well.

Janne Stark
Country: Sweden
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Year: 2011

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