Saturday, 24 September 2011

RENAISSANCE OF FOOLS - Fear, Hope & Frustration (CD)

Now here’s the return of a long lost great musician. Daniel Magdic was in the first line-up of Pain Of Salvation, but then disappeared into obscurity. In the new unit Renaissance Of Fools we also find singer and guitarist extraordinaire, Kjell Bergendahl, who is also found in heavy rockers Thalamus. The band is completed by bass player Björn Tauman (Without Grief, Chainwreck) and drummer Magnus Karlsson. Daniel, Björn and Magnus actually had a previous band together, called Cudfish, which unfortunately never really lift off. Hopefully this will. Trying to describe what you will find on this band’s debut I can use the first two member’s former and ordinary bands – Pain Of Salvation and Thalamus. Here are songs like opener Precious Life and Ordinary Man’s Diary which both possess the heaviness of Thalamus, but also the progressive, slightly melancholic side of Daniel’s past adventures. In songs like Polarized Round they lean more towards the progressive side. I also want to point out, it’s not progressive as in Dream Theater-like technical cold overload, but more the King Crimson and even Pink Floydish side of that genre. The sound is heavy and think, but still very dynamic with akiller mix by Pelle Saether and mastering by King’s X Ty Tabor. The detuned guitars give it an extra crunch and Tauman’s heavy bass playing really lays the album a powerful foundation to rest upon. Even in ballads like Leave It All Behind they manage to give it an aura of heaviness and power. Here Tauman’s bass playing also really shine through. I truly love Kjell’s voice and the way he embraces the songs and takes the melodies to a new level. The harmony language sometimes makes me think of bands like Anekdoten or The Flower Kings. Fear, Hope & Frustration is an album highly recommended for fans of heavy progressive/symphonic rock.
Janne Stark
Label: Metalville
Year: 2011

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  1. Very kind words from the man who was first discovering pain of Salvation! Thanks!
    Kind Regards/Daniel Magdic


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