Monday, 31 October 2011

S.K.U.R.K - Häxa (CD)

Fuckin’ hell! This is brutal! Not sure if this will fully appeal to or be appreciated by non-Swedish speaking listeners, as the vocals are sung in the most brutal Swedish “skånska” dialect. This is the second album by S.K.U.R.K, and this album sure takes the sound and style of the band a few steps further. The lyrics are really raw and brutal, dealing with bitterness, injustice and drug addicted mothers. Lindhe’s vocals are crude and raw, but fits so well with the heavy, rough edged metal this band produces. Nidvinternattens Sorg brings out some touches of vintage doomy Sabbath with Lindhe whispering the lyrics. Songs like Brinn Malmö Brinn and Ku Klux Kerub also have a doomy touch, but with a higher tempo, where the latter reminds me a bit of Children Of The Grave in its tempo. I do hear some touches of Candlemass’ Messiah when Lindhe hits the higher notes as well. The band’s view of today’s night time scene Disco Grotesque is quite melodic in its crudity. The lyrics really grab you and I can find no better way of presenting them than in this way. This is a really good album, both musically and with the fitting vocal presentation. Me like!
Janne Stark
Year: 2011
Label: Denomination

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