Wednesday, 11 April 2012

DAYS OF JUPITER - Secrets Brought To Life (CD)

Days Of Jupiter is a new Swedish unit featuring singer Janne Hilli, guitarists Jörgen Hellström and Jocke Grundström, bassist Janne Karlsson and drummer Magnus Larsson. The members have previously played in bands like Trace Of Lords and Destynation. What immediately comes to mind in opening track Bleed is Disturbed. Not only the musical delivery, but foremost singer Hilli who sounds like David Draiman’s long lost vocal cousin. The band was produced by Patrik Frisk, who has helped bands like Corroded and Takida find their sound. I’d say Days Of Jupiter fit in well together with these bands, a bit heavier than Takida, but not as heavy as Corroded. I also still stick by Disturbed as a strong musical comparison. Bury Me Alive also had a hint of Evanescence in the chorus. This one of the album’s potential hits. Silence is another. This is a good solid nu-oriented metal release from a promising band. Maybe a bit too late, I don’t know, but they deserved to be checked out.
Janne Stark
Country: Sweden
Year: 2012
Label: Pantherfarm

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