Wednesday, 11 April 2012


House Of Shakira may not be the most productive band in the world, but when they do grace us with an album they do do make a nice impact. On this album we find new, excellent, singer Andreas Novak. Andreas has previously been found in prog metal band Mind’s Eye and he has made a couple of much slicker, but still great, solo releases. Now he’s fronting AOR institution House Of Shakira, and I must say it’s a bit of a match made in heaven. His slightly raspy voice really gives the band that extra edge. The line-up also presents two more new faces, bassist Basse Blyberg and drummer Martin Larsson. This however hasn’t changed anything, I’d say, except that they have actually added a bit more edge to their sound. I would place House Of Shakira in the AOR category, but quite honestly they are more melodic hard rock. No fluffy keyboards and no over-sweeted sleaziness. They have always had a stroke of early Journey in their music, and they still do. We’re talking Journey in their edgy moments here. What about this album then? Well, it did actually take me a couple of listens to really get into the album, which for me is a good thing, since it tends to last longer then. I can only say – House Of Shakira has done it again. This is a really great melodic rocker and I really love the new spark of energy I see in the band. Old fans of the band will still recognize the great hooks, the big choruses and the general vibe, and if they can stomach a git rawer guitars, a less polished sound, you’ll love this one. For me, that’s right up my alley. After having given this album four-five spins, it has now actually become my favourite House Of Shakira release. Yepp, there you go! The House is back in da house!

Janne Stark
Label: Lion Music
Year: 2012Country.Sweden

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