Tuesday, 23 October 2012

BADGE – Demo 2012 (4 track CD-R)

Badge is the perfect psycho-blues-power-trio-from-Hell. Raunchy, explosive, dirty, mean and raw to the bone. The band consists of guitarist/singer Matti Norlin (Ninja, Wizard), bassist Gustaf Hielm (Meshuggah, Pain Of Salvation, Charta 77) and drummer Fredrik Haake (Meldrum, God Is My Co-Pilot). I’m not sure what bands to compare them to, as I simply can’t find any. Basically Badge plays hard edged, wild-eyed blues with Norlin playing the shit out of his acoustic guitar or dobro, while Haake bangs the shit out of his drum kit. I think this band would actually be too heavy if you added distortion as well. It’s really cool that a trio playing acoustic instruments can make it sound this heavy. Calculated Moves is dangerously close to psychobilly with its up-tempo craziness with Norlin going slide crazy and Haake going totally wild with Hielm is doing an excellent job backing them up. It’s actually totally impossible to sit still listening to this musical eruption. Bloody great stuff! The band has an album finished and I sure hope they will get it out. This needs to be heard!
Janne Stark
Label: None
Year: 2012
Country: Sweden

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