Monday, 5 November 2012

CAPTAIN CRIMSON – Dancing Madly Backwards (CDd)

With a band name like that and an album title taken from a classic old Captain Beyond song, I was pretty sure what to expect from this album. Well, opening track Lonely Devils Club proved me correct within its first five seconds. We are of course talking hard rock sounding like it was recorded in 1972, both regarding the songs and sound. Transubstans is Sweden’s number one label in digging out these bands with previous find such as Gin Lady, Blowback, Ambramis Brama, The Brimstone Days, The Graviators etc. I must however say if you’re expecting the perfect blend between Captain Beyond and King Crimson, you’ll be disappointed. To me Captain Crimson sounds more similar to bands like Bull Angus, fully comparable to Swedish bands like Witchcraft and Graveyard. Not overly distorted guitars, a very ambient and dynamic sound very similar to the good old days. Props to Jocke Frisö for his mix. The singer also sounds very authentic, and reminds me a bit of Spice of Band Of Spice/Spiritual Beggars. Listening to the songs, there’s no doubt these guys have been breastfed liquid vinyl and given nothing but analogue toys. The songs give me no reason to complain either. This is really good stuff! When I read the final track was named Dancing Madly Backwards I was of course 100 % certain this was a cover, showing where they got the name from. Wrong was I. The band had written their own Dancing Madly Backwards. Hmm… I’m a little bit split here. For us fans of early seventies hard rock, it’s like penning your own song and name it Smoke On The Water or Stairway To Heaven. Confusing. Still, it’s a great track so I won’t complain. Fans of authentic seventies hard rock should not miss this one!
Janne Stark

Label: Transubstans
Country: Sweden

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