Monday, 5 November 2012

SIDEBURN - IV Monument (CD)

Fuckin’ hell!! I was just run over by a riff! Sideburn really show they mean it when opening their new album with the tank-like riffing of Diamonds. What a kick in the nuts! Great feel of vintage Sabbath and a production that moves mountains. Can’t help thinking singer Jani Kataja reminds me a lot of former The Quill singer Magnus, which is a really good thing indeed. Not your ordinary low tune vocalist, but more melodic and high register, which compliments the dead heavy riffing of songs like Fire And Water just perfect. Sideburn could easily be labeled a stoner band, but they are so much more. In some moments they remind me a bit of Spiritual Beggars, then there’s some good old Black Sabbath and in the slower and cooler number, Crossing The Lines they remind me of Swedish retro colleagues Siena Root. Tomorrow’s Dream is not a Black Sabbath cover, but ironically the intro reminds me a bit of Mob Rules. Awesome tune! Guitarist Morgan Zocek is a killer guitarist, actually with some hints of John Sykes in his vibrato. When the slow and concrete heavy riffing of The Last Day starts, Candlemass immediately comes to mind. This is doom at its finest. Next up, in Silverwing, they return to the slightly psychedelic vein of Siena Root, but with a touch of Grand Magus. This is really great stuff, I must say! Versatile, yet consistent, heavy, yet melodic. I really love the band’s sound in general, the vocals, the instrumental performances, the sound and the song material. I did like the band before, but this time all the boxes are ticked! Well done!
Janne Stark

Label: Transubstans
Year: 2012
Country: Sweden 

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