Wednesday, 18 March 2015

CLARK LANE – "The Inner Circle" (Pro-CDR)

I’ve been following Swedish modern rockers Clark Lane for quite some time, and now they have finally released their debut album. The name is, if you may wonder, made up of the combination of Clark Kent and Louis Lane. If you’re into bands like Corroded, Alter Bridge and Shinedown this one’s definitely for you. Heavy riffing mixed with nice melodies with intelligent pop overtones at times. However, they are not by far as predictable as Nickelback, and way better in my opinion. They are also not as musically buttery as, for instance, Takida, and they definitely have more substance in their songs. Clark Lane also has a great guitar player, which many of the modern sounding bands lack. Songs like “Voices” and “Departure” also show the unique quirky touch this band has, and that I love. It’s not your standard strumming chord patterns, but harmonies that set them apart from the mainstream, but are not too quirky to scare away the non-musician listener. It’s a fine line, but these guys know their balancing act well. There’s also a really nice variety in the songs, from powerful balladry to up-tempo rockers, and lots in-between. One of my favourites is the heavy, riff-oriented and quirky, but still very melodic “Backdoor”, but there are honestly several favourites on this album! Highly recommended.
Janne Stark
Year: 2015
Country: Sweden
Label: self-released

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