Friday, 28 November 2014

DUST – Tequila Shiver (CD)

I’ve seen this band has been in the starting blocks for quite some time, trying to build up a sort of hype around the upcoming album. Can’t say I usually fall for that, so I kept my expectations at a moderate level. Well, I truly wasn’t prepared to be blown away, but man, I WAS! Already from the opening track “Bad Boy” this Stockholm foursome show they mean business! There’s a pretty strong Badlands aura hovering over this band, and I honestly don’t mind that at all! There’s a band I truly miss. Dust do an impeccable job carrying that torch. Roger Solander has a knife sharp, outstanding rock voice, a bit similar to Ray Gillen when he goes for the high notes, Johan Niskanen’s brutal, crunchy guitar-work is wailing all over the place while bass player Bernt Ek holds the lower frequencies down with heaviness and precision and drummer Örjan “Dr Rock” Englin does his best to keep the Bonham legacy alive, and does really well. I love the way he makes the title track groove with the Bonhamish ghost strokes. This one does owe a bit more to Zeppelin, which Solander also shows vocally. “Stranger” kicks off with a mean, angry riff and then struts off in a cool, groovy way. “Black Dressed Woman” brings us back to Badlands territory with Englin grooving like a beast. “Changing Colours” is a cool bluesy acoustic, also with a Zeppelinish vibe to it. “Keltic Wheel” draws us back into the heavier Zeppelin territory, but only in the verse, I’d say. Dust are by no means any Zeppelin clones, even though the influences are quite clear. They have their personality and they also have the songs to show for. “Lies To Tell” is a prime example of Dust taking on a more personal sound. The riffs rule, Solander sings his ass off and I just love that groovy verse and the crushing chorus. Not really sure about a guitar solo “song”, "Mojo", on an album though, even if Niskanen is a great guitarist. Apart from this one I must say, I love every track on this album! Definitely one of the strongest debut albums this year has had to offer! Highly recommended!
Janne Stark
Country: Sweden
Year: 2014
Label: private

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