Tuesday, 25 November 2014

TAD MOROSE – Revenant (CD)

Wow, that was an album long coming! 10 years since the last one! What immediately strikes me is that the band sounds darker and heavier than their previous efforts. I have no problem with that, none at all. The band delivers a big chunk of riff-oriented powerful metal in the vein of bands like Nevermore, Judas Priest (think "Painkiller"),  Former singer Urban Breed has now been replaced by Ronny Hemlin, who does an excellent job and at times actually reminds me a bit of Ripper Owen. I really love it when the band slows down a bit and digs a bit deeper into the more evil sounding tonalities and then mix them with classic power chords, like in “Within A Dream” which reminds me a bit of a marriage between Testament and Evergrey. New guitarist Kenneth Jonsson (The Citadel) does an outstanding job! The production is also fat and powerful, and brings out the best of the music. They actually now remind me of a band I’ve really missed: Pathos! And, that’s really good coming from me ;-).
Janne Stark
Country: Sweden

Year: 2014
Label: Despotz

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