Friday, 28 November 2014

BAILEY – Long Way Down (CD)

Nigel Bailey is foremost known for fronting UK melodic rockers Three Lions. This solo album was actually recorded before Three Lions, and I guess with the success of the lions this one was a no-brainer to release. Thank you for that! When Bailey does his own thing there’s a bit more edge to it, heavier guitars and a more power. We already know Nigel’s vocals are outstanding. So, all I can say is - This is a bloody brilliant album! Opener “Feed The Flames” gave me a vibe of Dave Bickler (Survivor) in the vocal delivery, while the song could be a Peterik penned thing, this one is slightly more guitar dominated in its direction. Love that! “In The Name Of The King” kicks off with a powerful detuned guitar riff that immediately catches my attention. Yet, another heavy and melodic hard rocker that just hits me right in the face. The production, by Allesandro del Vecchio is fat and big, yet dynamic. “Dirty Little Secret” reminds me even more of Bickler-era Survivor, which is great in my book. “Bad Reputation” is yet another great, catchy, straight ahead melodic hard rocker. “Stay”, even though it’s a really good song, feels a bit more run-of-the-mill. However that being said, this album’s weakest song is stronger than a lot of today’s albums strongest songs, which says a lot. “Somewhere In Oslo” is the album’s poppy moment, while “Long Way Down” brings back the heavy guitars and pounding rhythms. It makes me think of the same perfect balance of melody and heavy edge guitar riffs that can be found on the outstanding debut by Hardline. No need to go though each song I guess, but deliver the conclusion – this is a damn great melodic rock album and actually the reason I will still go to Frontiers Rock festival next summer! So far, one of my favorites this year! The UK has actually delivered some really strong stuff in that area!
Janne Stark
Country: UK

Year: 2014
Label: Frontiers Records

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