Tuesday, 25 November 2014

TONGUE – Look! It’s Rock ‘N Roll (CD)

Tongue is a new project formed by the masterminds of Ola Karlsson and Börje Reinholdsson, formerly of Balthazar’s Machine and X-Union. This is the guys' tribute to good old hard rock and their love for the seventies. “Find My Way Back Home” starts out with a great crunchy riff that promises really great stuff. The song itself however wanders off more to Cheap Trick’s power poppy hard rock, which is ok, but maybe not what I expected. “Hair Of The Dog” starts out with an equally interesting cool riff and a promising intro solo, and also becomes more of straight rock ‘n’ roller. In the song “The 70’s” the band sings praise to bands like Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy. But a chorus with “nananananana” in a pop vein... This is unfortunately, to me, more pop with some distorted guitars. Sorry boys, but you lost me there. “Sun” is a cool rocker with a touch of “Kashmir” and it’s definitely my favorite on the album together with the crunchy rocker “Back To Reality”. Unfortunately the chorus is also what brings it down for me, which is a pity. “The Music Takes Control” has a touch of Lenny Kravitz funky rock, while “Speak Louder” owes a bit to AC/DC. I’m afraid the title and the cool artwork promised a bit more than what the music delivered. There were some highlights, but too few and far between to save it for me.
Janne Stark
Country: Sweden

Year: 2014
label: Wobbling Wart

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