Saturday, 23 January 2016

HELLSPRAY – Bring On The War (CD)

Swedish heavy melodic rockers released their first album Full Moon In Plainfield in 2008. The debut featured former Renegade singer Magnus Tallåker, who was soon replaced by the more rough-edged Anders Moberg. Anders made his debut on the 2011 release Part Of The Solution. On Bring On The War the band has brought up the heaviness factor a few steps. The new CD opens with the title track, which to me felt a bit heavier than the band really is. I was slightly disappointed. However, Song For The Deaf put things back into place. Still very heavy, but more melodic and it didn’t feel strained. Shine Like The Sun takes it yet another step in the right direction. It actually reminded me a bit of Dirt-era Alice In Chains, but with a more positive view on life. This good, really good! Anders is a powerful singer and he fits the style perfectly. Great, tight and powerful mix. Well done!
Janne Stark
Year: 2015
Country: Sweden

Label: Self-released


  1. How can I order a Hellspray Bring on the war CD?

    1. Hi!
      Drop them a mail at:


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