Saturday, 23 January 2016

KILLER – Monsters Of Rock (CD)

Killer is a Belgian trio that harks back to the 80s and killer albums like Ready For Hell, Shockwaves and Wall of Sound. They were sort of a Motörhead with slightly cleaner vocals. Well, guitarist/singer Paul “Shorty” Van Camp still keeps the flame alight. Their early albums were released on the notorious Mausoleum label, and so is the new album. This killer is back to the scene of the crime. Well, that goes for the music as well. Not much has happened here, and I tell you, that’s a good thing! Shorty sounds as good as ever, the songs are pounding and the sound is classic balls to the wall metal. Kicking off with the title track and No Exception To The Rule they prove there’s not much water that have passed under these bridges. Powerful, straight ahead, no frills, kick in the nut metal! Shotgun Symphony starts off as a heavy, detuned and doomy riffster, but picks up pace after the intro and moves into classic stomping Judas Priest British Steel territory. Good nostalgia tickling stuff, indeed!
Janne Stark
Country: Belgium
Year: 2015

Label: Mausoleum

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