Monday, 6 February 2017

Danko Jones - Wild Cat (CD)

Canadian power trio Danko Jones really speaks to the slightly punkish genes I developed in the late 70s. Yes, I was actually quite the fan of bands like Sex Pistols, DMZ, The Boys, Saints and Dead Boys, but then Motörhead came in and filled the gap between punk and metal. Still love some of that stuff, but it doesn't really wear out my CD player anymore, so to speak. Then one day I heard Born A Lion by Danko Jones and it appealed to me in the same way. Raw, energetic, powerful, rebellious, garagey and waving a big fuck-you finger. I just loved it! Probably also because this band knew how to write good riffs and cool lyrics, plus they had a bluesy vibe. Well, I was hooked. Despite the odd let down, this band has always delivered high class stuff. Not to mention on stage, holy shitballs, Dank Jones busts balls and kicks asses like no other! Finally, a new album! Opener I Gotta Rock immediately places a well-aimed boot in the groin! The lyrics are surprisingly blanket type rock n roll trivia, but it works for the song. Danko is still the best anti-shredder I know whose single string kindergarten solos actually works. He plays what works for the song and that's good enough for me. My Little Rock n Roll continues in the traditional Danko Jones break chord manner. We've heard it before, but damn it still works. Going Out Tonight picks up the tempo and this one will surely work great live! You Are My Woman has a sort of 60s poppy vibe to it with a hooky chorus. Do This Everynight is also a pretty happy rocker, while Let's Start Dancing whips it up like crazy! This is Danko Jones in its prime. The title track is a hard hitting boogie rocker with Danko spitting out every word like it was a poisonous bite of food. A killer track. She Likes It is a really cool, quite different track with a quirky guitar riff and cool half-tempo chugging with some busy drumming backing it up. Probably one of my favorite tracks with a pretty cool guitar solo as well. Success In Bed continues in the classic Danko stomp feel, and reminds me a bit of another old track, but the chorus takes a new route. Diamond Lady again takes the tempo up and this is a real great rocker with a soothing chorus. The album finishes with the track Revolution (But When We Make Love), a cool bluesy Strat powered heavy rocker. Conclusion: if you like albums like Below The Belt, Like A Lion or Never Too Loud, there should be no hesitation - go get it!
Janne Stark
Country: Canada
Year: 2017

Label: AFM

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