Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Coldspell – A New World Arise (CD)

I was a huge fan of Coldspell when they entered the Swedish hard rock scene with the outstanding debut “Infinite Stargaze” in 2009. “Out From The Cold” from 2011, delivered more of the same, while I was a bit disappointed with “Frozen Paradize” (2013) as it felt a bit generic and didn’t really lift off for me. Now they state that “A New World Arise”, so let’s see what that means. The album kicks off with the powerful up-tempo rocker “Foreveremore” with a kick-ass chorus and I immediately feel hope. “Call Of The Wild” takes it down a notch, and it actually makes me think of Eclipse, which is a good thing. A killer dynamic song with lots of interesting layers. “It Hurts” starts off with a quirky guitar arpeggio which I can’t completely wrap my head around (which is also a cool thing) and then enters into a heavy, crunchy verse and a great catchy chorus. “Miles Away” picks up the tempo again and Michael’s guitar crushes anything in its way. “Signs” takes the album on a different, crushingly heavy, yet very melodic, path. Almost a touch of Zeppelin in the verse with a classic melodic heavy rock chorus. I must say, this album totally demolishes its predecessor! “Love Me Like You Do” opens with some bluesy acoustic riffing and moves into a Dokken style power riff territory. Quite different from anything the band has previously done. This kicks major ass, I must say! I won’t go into each and every track, I will just say – there’s not a bad track on the album! The production is brick heavy, yet dynamic with Niclas’ outstanding vocals crowning this power package! A must!!
Janne Stark
Year: 2017
Label: Escape

Country: Sweden

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